Erika Haug

Dr. Erika Haug – Erika is a Research Scholar with a focus on Aquatic Plant Biology and Management. Erika has over ten years of experience in Aquatic Plant Management. She is active with numerous research and extension activities and works closely with graduate students to develop their projects. She is an active member of the Aquatic Plant Management Society, Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society, and South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society. Erika was awarded the 2015 Aquatic Plant Management Society Outstanding Graduate Student Award, the 2016 NCVMA Graduate Student award, the 2015 NEAPMS Graduate Student Scholarship and received several top oral presentation awards during her graduate career. She has served as a student director for the Aquatic Plant Management Society and the Weed Science Society of North Carolina.


Haug, Erika. 2018. Monoecious Hydrilla and Crested Floating Heart Biology, and the Response of Aquatic Plant Species to Florpyrauxifen-benzyl Herbicide.